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LEGO Minecraft 21261 The Wolf Stronghold


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Item: 21261
Age: 8+
Pieces: 312

A fortress playset with wolves, skeletons and crafting toys

LEGO Minecraft The Wolf Stronghold is an explorer-hero playset where kids can build a toy fortress, craft weapons, tame wolves and battle skeletons.

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Kids with a passion for action and adventure playsets, fortress toys and Minecraft characters can enjoy all this and more in LEGO Minecraft The Wolf Stronghold (21261). This Minecraft wolf gift for kids aged 8 and over is a hands-on video game toy and a creative building, hero-explorer and battle action playset. Kids build the Wolf Tamer a base featuring a big wolfs head above the entrance, then have fun switching the wolfs face from friendly to angry. Inside is a crafting table, blast furnace, anvil and, for the first time in a LEGO Minecraft set, a smithing table. A chest of supplies contains a Netherite ingot, which kids can craft into a sword, sweet berries, and bones that are used to tame the wild wolf. Outside is a forest section with a tree, boulder, mushroom and sweet berry bush. 2 Minecraft skeleton toys wander the forest: one has an enchanted bow, the other has a bow and arrow and diamond helmet. For added digital fun, builders can use the intuitive LEGO Builder app.

• LEGO Minecraft adventure set for kids Boys and girls aged 8+ with a passion for Minecraft can enjoy hands-on exploration of a fortress and forest with The Wolf Stronghold creative building toy

• Creative castle playset The toy includes a crafting table, blast furnace, anvil and a smithing table, plus a LEGO Minecraft Wolf Tamer figure, 2 skeletons and 2 wolves

• Building toy and action playset Kids tame a wild wolf, battle skeletons and make use of a variety of crafting equipment in this forest explorer-hero toy

• Minecraft wolf toy The entrance to the Wolf Tamers base features a large, buildable wolfs head with a face that kids can quickly switch from friendly to angry

• LEGO video-game gift This hands-on adventure set and versatile building toy for kids makes a great birthday gift or any-day treat for Minecraft players

• 3D building instructions Kids can download the LEGO Builder app for an immersive building experience, with digital tools to zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track progress

• Minecraft made real LEGO Minecraft building toys for kids give players a different way to enjoy the game, with mobs, scenes and features brought to life with the hands-on creativity of LEGO bricks

• 312-piece forest fortress The Wolf Stronghold part of the assembled building toy measures over 11 cm (4.5 in.) high, 16 cm (6 in.) wide and 12 cm (5 in.) deep