Build Your Own Creation at Mighty Utan 

There are tones of bricks at Mighty Utan for kids to build their own creation. There are thousands of different parts and infinite ways of creation. It is completely FREE to play and build in-store and if you like your creation you can buy it!

Put on your building cap now (or bring your own building instructions) and visit Mighty Utan - click here to find our stores near you.

If you do not live nearby our stores, you can buy random assortment of bricks on Mighty Utan's online store (click here)

Customers' Artworks


Lego Hello Kitty made at Mighty UtanLego Star Wars BB8 made in Mighty Utan. Lego Oscar made at Mighty Utan


Custom made Lego Bionicle at Mighty Utan

Lego Minions built at Mighty Utan

Lego Piano built at Mighty Utan